We are an interior architecture & design company based in Melbourne, Australia.
Our business model hinges on attentive service, inspired thinking, and exceptional
design outcomes.

Lukas Partners is Luke Brewer and Kas Makohon. No-one else, just us.
That’s the way we like it, but most importantly, it’s the way our clients like it – attentive, personalised service from go to woah. We don’t farm anyone off to a junior, or allow a design vision to be eroded by handovers or hefty operating overheads. We’re invested in long-term relationships and seeing projects through to completion – it’s our passion.

As a tight-knit team of two, we work on interior projects across the retail, hospitality, residential, and corporate sectors.

Lukas Partners focuses on creating beautiful, functional and enjoyable interiors. We share ideas, challenge each other’s thinking, experiment, research and look for ways to innovate. Our design is customer-driven. We’re young and enthusiastic with our finger on the pulse of new design trends, technology and materials. We’re also commercially savvy with solid project management and technical skills.

As a Registered Building Practitioner and with over 10 years experience in
the industry, Lukas Partners can help you with your project from the very beginning right through to completion.

Services we provide:

- Planning

- Concept Design

- Design Development

- Finishes, Fixtures & Furniture Selection

- Construction Documentation

- Project Coordination

- Architectural Photography